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A Message from Kevin

I was first elected to the City Council in the wake of the last mayoral resignation. I've worked hard the past eight years to help bring San Diego back from the brink of bankruptcy and get us back on track. Working with Mayor Sanders and others, we passed reforms which will save our City over $1 billion that we can now begin investing into our neighborhoods.

I've been successful during my 8 years on the City Council because I've always been willing to work with anyone with good ideas. I've lead numerous bi-partisan coalitions, including, passing a measure that preserves and protects Mission Bay for generations to come, and funding the permanent downtown homeless shelter, the veterans shelter and the winter homeless shelter so that homeless women, children and veterans have the resources they need to help get back on their feet.

I've been so passionate about reforming our City's finances so that we can focus on neighborhood services and fixing our communities deteriorating roads and infrastructure. I will be a mayor for all San Diegans -- I am committed to ensure that every neighborhood receives its fair share of community funding and that no community in San Diego gets left behind.

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Housing for All

Kevin Faulconer will work to reduce burdensome regulations and implement innovative programs to help make homes more affordable for middle class and working San Diegans.

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One San Diego

Kevin Faulconer's 4-point "One San Diego" plan envisions a unified city in which all residents have equal access to economic opportunity, quality streets, educational programs and safe neighborhoods.

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Kevin Faulconer
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