As Governor, I will STOP cutting wildfire funding. This will be a major change from Newsom, who cut $150 million from the state’s wildfire budget after the worst fire year in California history. Now he’s sneaking more funding in last minute to save face. Fire safety should be our first priority, not our last. I’m going to double fire prevention funding to at least $1 billion every single year.

I will declare a state of emergency for fires on day one as Governor. It’s shocking that Gavin Newsom has not created statewide tools given the urgency of the situation. I will use emergency powers to speed up the clearing of dead trees and vegetation while streaming the environmental review process. We will use this power statewide to save both property and lives.

We will establish a new California Department of Wildfire Prevention. Instead of having many departments handling fire prevention, we will streamline our approach with one department to coordinate and lead all state wildfire prevention efforts with federal and local governments.

I will offer tax credits for residents to protect their homes from wildfires. Government should not be the only solution; we need to help every Californian. Right now, Californians have to go through lengthy bureaucratic processes to get financial assistance to help prepare their homes for wildfires, I’ll allow them to automatically access up to $10,000 in tax credits.