You should be able to keep more of the money you work so hard to earn.

We have to work longer and harder these days to live the California Dream. But under Gavin Newsom, the cost of living and doing business is spiraling out of control, forcing our family and friends to leave the state we call home. California should be a place anyone can live, not just the wealthy.

As mayor, Kevin Faulconer spoke out and helped defeat higher sales and property taxes that would have made living in California even more expensive. He opposed increasing the gas tax and successfully helped stop a plan to undermine Proposition 13 that would have hurt small, family, and minority-owned businesses. He signed seven balanced budgets, brought onboard an independent auditor to serve as a watchdog over government spending, and made government more efficient and transparent.

As governor, Kevin Faulconer will fight so you can keep more of the money you earn. He will veto any tax increase that comes to his desk. And he will defend Proposition 13 to support homeowners and small businesses. You work hard to live within your means, and he will run a fiscally responsible government that does the same.