We should be able to afford our utilities and rely on them to function.

When you flip your light switch, you expect it to work. But under Gavin Newsom, Californians are more likely to be left in the dark. And even those who do have working lights may wish they couldn’t see their high power bills.

As mayor, Kevin Faulconer led with bold solutions to invest in clean and reliable energy without forcing you to pay more. He brought competition to the energy monopoly in order to reduce rates. He gathered business and environmental leaders together to adopt common-sense solutions to protect our environment and invest in the future.

As governor, Kevin Faulconer will keep power companies accountable for providing safe and dependable electricity. He will unleash California’s technological might and entrepreneurial spirit to make us more energy-independent, adding middle-class jobs as we build and sell tomorrow’s clean energy. And he will hold the utilities responsible for wildfires while increasing forest management to keep fires from starting in the first place.