We need real action to solve homelessness, California’s humanitarian crisis.

Under Gavin Newsom, homelessness has soared every year. Every time we drive down the freeway or walk through our communities, we see the human suffering enabled by California’s ineffective homelessness policies. It is not “progressive” to let people live and die on the street. These are our fellow Californians, and we must stand up for each other and lend a hand when one of us needs it.

As mayor, Kevin Faulconer transformed San Diego into the only big city in California where outdoor homelessness went down by 12 percent instead of up. His approach focused on compassion as well as action. He opened hundreds of safe beds that became a model for cities across the country, established shelters with access to mental health services and drug and alcohol treatment, and helped men, women, families, and veterans find long-term housing. He also cleaned public spaces and did not allow public camping when a shelter bed was available.

As governor, Kevin Faulconer will bring his compassionate and results-oriented approach to all of California. He will expand access to mental health services and addiction treatment. He will use proven solutions that give people a safe place to sleep, get on their feet, and get the help they need. He will cut red tape and promote policies that get people off the street and into a home. And he will clean up the garbage and filth generated by encampments that are not only eyesores but public health hazards.