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Kevin believes we should keep more of the money we earn. He’s successfully fought sales and income tax hikes, and protected Proposition 13 by leading the fight to defeat the biggest property tax increase in California history. He reformed San Diego’s scandal-plagued pension system to save taxpayers nearly $1 billion. And he will oppose any new taxes on Californians.

Kevin knows how to fix our roads without raising taxes. He repaired more streets in a shorter amount of time than any mayor in America. He tripled the amount of road repair work each year, fixing more than 1,000 miles – over half of San Diego’s roads – by pledging 50 percent of new government revenue to infrastructure and neighborhoods. He’s committed to fixing California’s freeways and transportation network so you can spend more time with your family – and less time in traffic.


Kevin demands real solutions to our homelessness crisis, not politically correct talking points. He successfully challenged the failed status quo that allowed homelessness to skyrocket throughout California. His aggressive action made San Diego the only big city in California where homelessness went down, not up. As governor, he will enact his compassionate-but- common-sense philosophy statewide.

Kevin speaks out for our children who are falling behind. He spoke truth to power when he demanded Gavin Newsom let all kids safely learn in classrooms, not just private school students. As governor he will make the wellbeing and education of our children a priority, and work to bring our worst schools up to the standards of our best schools – so all students are prepared to succeed.


Kevin fights for safe neighborhoods, not “Defunding the Police.” While other cities cut police department funding, he increased his police budget and bolstered efforts to hire and train police officers who come from the diverse communities they serve. Under his watch, San Diego earned the title of one of the safest big cities in America.

Kevin stands up for our freedom to work. He believes in your right to choose when and where you earn your income. If you want to work for yourself, you should have the freedom to do it. He will fight to stop Sacramento’s war on independent contractors and reclaim California’s place as the home of innovation and opportunity.

Kevin protects our lives and our livelihoods. While managing the response to COVID-19, San Diego County saw fewer deaths per capita than Orange County, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and California as a whole – without ignoring science or adopting politically charged and harsh restrictions enacted in other areas. As governor, he will continue to lead with policies that protect our health and help workers and small business survive the effects of the pandemic.