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What They Are Saying: Kevin Faulconer Sets The Tone For Veterans Issues In Recall Race

“Ensuring Veterans Are Taxed Less And Housed More”

Yesterday, former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer unveiled his “Helping Our Heroes Plan,” a compassionate and comprehensive approach to making California more affordable for veterans. This proposal includes tax cuts and housing assistance to ensure veterans can live and retire in California more easily. The plan continues to make both local and national headlines as Faulconer sets the tone for veterans issues in this recall election.

Here are some highlights of the coverage:

ABC 7 Los Angeles:

Fox News

Faulconer, who was mayor of San Diego from 2014 to 2020, said the plan would also address the state’s roughly 11,000 homeless veterans – a number he decried as “shameful.”

While mayor, Faulconer implemented a similar program, “Housing Our Heroes,” to get 1,000 homeless veterans off the street and back into apartments of their own. Faulconer said the program was a success and that San Diego was the only big city in California to reduce homelessness by double digits in the last two years.

One of the reasons for that success, Faulconer said, was that he did not allow tent encampments – something that has become a familiar sight in most major California cities.


The Sacramento Bee:

A few weeks after announcing his “California Comeback” tax cut proposal, recall candidate Kevin Faulconer on Wednesday introduced a four-part plan to support the state’s 1.6 million veterans, 11,000 of whom are homeless.

“It is a continuing part of our effort to make California more affordable and livable for the men and women who serve our nation,”Faulconer, who wants to unseat Gov. Newsom, told The Bee. “The fact that we have 11,000 homeless veterans… being left out in the cold is unacceptable.

Faulconer touted his experience helping the homeless population in San Diego as mayor. If he were to win the governor’s seat, he said he would implement the same strategies at the state level.