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Lifelong Democrat Homelessness Advocate Endorses Kevin Faulconer For Governor

Supports voting YES on Question 1, backs Faulconer’s candidacy

LOS ANGELES – Joined by public safety leaders and outspoken critics of California’s homelessness crisis, former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer today followed up on his proven plan to reduce homelessness with a new proposal to address mental health and drug use in California.

Faulconer, a Republican, was endorsed by self-described “lifelong democrat” Dr. Michael Shellenberger, a best-selling environmental author that Time Magazine has called a “Hero of the Environment.” He was also joined by Shelley Zimmerman, San Diego’s first female police chief who oversaw historically low crime numbers, and Matt Capelouto, whose daughter lost her life to fentanyl.

There are 161,000 reasons to recall Newsom — one for every person experiencing homelessness in California on his watch,” said former mayor Kevin Faulconer. We can’t have people living in unsafe and unsanitary conditions, and we can’t have families stepping over needles and feces. As governor I’ll help people find homes, find treatment, and find medical assistance.” – Mayor Kevin Faulconer

California is facing a crisis with homelessness and people aren’t getting the help they need. CalPsych will let us reach those who need help the most with addiction, mental health, and other services. I’ve never voted for a Republican, but I know Mayor Faulconer can be trusted to tackle this challenge head-on and help thousands of Californians in need. Please join me and rally behind his campaign by voting yes on the recall and yes on Kevin Faulconer.” – Dr. Michael Shellenberger

Alexandra’s Law will help us get justice for the victims of fentanyl and save lives by holding drug dealers accountable for the death and destruction they cause. I am pleased that Mayor Faulconer supports this legislation and I look forward to seeing ensure it is signed into law as governor.” – Matt Capelouto

Faulconer proposed establishing a new state agency to comprehensively address the problems of homelessness, drug addiction, and untreated severe mental illness. He also endorsed Alexandra’s Law, a landmark piece of legislation from State Senator Melissa Melendez that aims to curb hospitalizations and deaths from the dangerous drug fentanyl by making sellers that enable an overdose subject to murder or manslaughter charges.

Faulconer was the first candidate to release a proven plan to reduce homelessness. His “Streets to Shelter” plan, based on his successful actions as Mayor of San Diego that reduced homeless tent encampments by 80 percent, will establish a right to shelter and an obligation to use it.