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Kevin Faulconer Unveils “Streets to Shelter” To Help Homeless Californians

LOS ANGELES –  Former San Diego Mayor unveiled the “Streets to Shelter” Plan, a homeless plan based in reality. This proposal follows the same approach Faulconer used in San Diego that led to a double-digit drop in homelessness while cities across California experienced the opposite. 
By establishing a right to shelter and an obligation to use it, this plan will clean up homeless encampments while increasing shelters, supportive services, and access to housing. This approach will not only fill gaps in the state’s homeless policies but will also give local governments new tools to reduce homelessness.
Gavin Newsom promised to lead with compassion, but he broke that promise and left 161,000 Californians out in the cold. Shattered lives are piling up on our sidewalks, in our emergency rooms, and in our morgues, Newsom is a phony politician whose only concern is saving his own career, not getting homeless Californians the shelter they need. My approach to homelessness is based on a simple belief: People are not made to live outdoors. If you condone people living on the streets, you’re condemning them to die on the streets.” – Mayor Kevin Faulconer
Gavin Newsom has shown he doesn’t have the political will to help people off the streets and into shelter. Mayor Faulconer’s plan represents a much-needed change from the status quo. He has the experience taking on this issue head-on and getting results. He’s the only candidate who can get the job done and that’s why I’m proud to support him.” – Senator Scott Wilk
Rising homelessness has reached crisis levels in CA, but Kevin Faulconer wants to change that.   As Mayor of San Diego, he showed that there is a way to get people help and proved himself to be a rare humanitarian. He will bring real change as Governor and finally bring support for thousands of homeless Californians who are desperate for help.” – Assemblymember Marie Waldron
As a 35-year law enforcement professional, one of the many reasons why I loved being a police officer was that every day you had an opportunity to make a positive difference in someone’s life and often at their worst possible moment. Working to better the lives of our homeless population will always be a priority for me. That’s why I support this statewide approach introduced by Mayor Faulconer. He will bring the same resolve to the Governor’s office that he brought to our city.” – Shelley Zimmerman, former San Diego Police Department Chief
When Kevin Faulconer was Mayor of San Diego, he worked with the Alpha Project and all our other homeless services providers to get people off the street. He took compassionate measures to expand access to shelters and services while also enforcing city ordinances to keep sidewalks clear. The results speak for themselves, no city in California had better outcomes on homelessness than San Diego when Kevin Faulconer was Mayor. I am proud of his commitment to keep fighting on this issue.” – Bob McElroy, CEO, Alpha Project
Here are the highlights of Mayor Faulconer’s plan:
Right to Shelter law:
The Faulconer administration will finally enable widespread enforcement of laws against unsafe and unsanitary tent encampments by creating a California law that requires the level of shelter mandated by these legal precedents.
State Shelters to Enable Encampment Cleanups:
For the first time, the state will play a direct role in helping to establish shelters. Governor Faulconer will sign an executive order to immediately begin establishing a network of state-led shelters to add to the overall number of shelter beds in California, helping to comply with federal court rulings that require shelter to be available before a homeless individual is obligated to vacate the property.
Establish a Public Right to Public Spaces:
The Faulconer administration will craft a law establishing the public’s right to access public spaces and require state and local governments to guarantee this right.
Issue Executive Order to Keep State Property Clean:
Governor Faulconer will sign an executive order that supports the right of California residents to use public spaces on state property by making the adequate maintenance of these lands a standard duty of state agencies. This sends a clear message to Californians that they should be able to use state beaches, parks, open spaces, freeways and other state-owned properties. 
Create Housing California’s Heroes Program:
Governor Faulconer will issue an executive order to create “Housing California’s Heroes,” a  statewide program to house homeless veterans. This policy is modeled on San Diego’s nationally-recognized “Housing our Heroes” program.
Audit Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Other Homeless Funds to Improve Outcomes:
The Faulconer administration will identify solutions to increase the effectiveness of homeless services by auditing all state funds used for mental health, drug and alcohol substance abuse programs and homeless services. The audit will also recommend metrics and help target resources at the most effective programs.