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Kevin Faulconer Releases New TV Ad: “Only One”

SAN DIEGO – Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer released a new TV ad today highlighting his record of getting tents off the streets, fighting crime, and holding the line against tax hikes. The ad will air first in Fresno and Sacramento markets with an initial six-figure buy.

WATCH the full ad HERE:

“Mayor Kevin Faulconer is the only candidate who has the record of results and the vision to bring change to California and defeat Gavin Newsom. He’s reduced homelessness, he’s stood up to ‘defund the police’ protesters, and he’ll cut taxes for middle class families across California. He’s ready to lead the California Comeback on day one.” – Campaign Manager Stephen Puetz


Mayor Kevin Faulconer

Only one candidate for Governor cut homelessness by double digits and cleared tents off sidewalks

Only one candidate stood up to a defund the police mob, stopped riots and fought crime

Making his city one of the safest big cities in America

Only one candidate balanced budgets without raising taxes and is planning the largest middle-class tax cut in California history

Only one candidate can take on Gavin Newsom and win

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer