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Kevin Faulconer Calls Out Gavin Newsom For Failure To Keep Californians Safe

Gavin Newsom has stood up for criminals, I’m going to put the victims first

SAN FRANCISCO – Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer – the leading candidate to recall Gavin Newsom – traveled to San Francisco to highlight Gavin Newsom’s failure to keep Californians safe from violent crime. This comes as California experiences a 13-year high in homicides and while major stores like Target and Walgreens have to scale back operations in San Francisco due to rising crime.

Gavin Newsom has failed this city and he has failed this state. He’s supported laws that curtail penalties for theft for up to $950, supported granting early release to violent felons, and enabled the defund the police movement. This is a crisis. For years Gavin Newsom has stood up for criminals, I’m going to put the victims first. I’m the only candidate in this recall who has taken on defund the police radicals and won, and I’ll do it again as Governor.” – Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer

Right now, there is a lack of accountability on our streets. Criminals know many crimes will not be treated seriously due to state laws and policy decisions that limit the tools of law enforcement. In a civil society, lawlessness should never be accepted as the norm. Ignoring quality of life crimes, often leads to more disorder and more serious crime. Kevin Faulconer knows to reduce crime there must be consequences and accountability for those who commit crimes.  That was his approach in San Diego, and it made our city safer. Californians can trust that Kevin Faulconer will stand up for victims and keep our communities safe.” – Former San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman

It’s time for crime in California to be taken seriously. We need real change, away from broken promises from Gavin Newsom, and more towards keeping all neighborhoods regardless of zip code in California safe. What we’re seeing right now is a serious rise in crime that requires serious proven leadership. Kevin Faulconer kept his city safe as Mayor and that’s the type of leadership we need right now to keep our communities safe because what we’re seeing is simply unacceptable and it’s forcing people to flee our cities and our state. Enough is enough. – Asher McInerney, local business owner