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CNN Highlights Former Newsom Supporter Backing Recall Of Elitist Governor

Anger over elitist Gavin Newsom’s failed leadership continues to grow as the effort to recall him gains momentum. Last night, CNN highlighted the stories of Californians affected by Newsom’s incompetence and how they are now working to remove him from office.

They spoke with Stacy Edwards, a restaurant worker who had been laid off three times thanks to Newsom’s crushing restrictions on her industry. She had to put her plans to buy a house and start a family on hold because of Newsom’s mishandling of the pandemic.

CNN also spoke with Andrea Hedstrom, a lifelong Democrat who so admired Newsom that she named her son Gavin. Now she’s supporting the recall to remove him, blaming Newsom for having run the state with an “iron fist” into disaster.

Watch CNN’s report here:

These stories show that our state is ready for new leadership. Kevin Faulconer is ready to lead the California comeback and recall Newsom this year.