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Chico And Butte County Leaders Rally Behind Kevin Faulconer In The Upcoming Recall Election

Faulconer Welcomes The Endorsements of Key Elected Officials At Bus Tour Stop

CHICO – As part of his California Comeback Bus Tour, former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer stopped in Chico and welcomed the endorsements of local leaders who support his plans to put California on a war footing for wildfires, cut taxes on the middle class, and fight crime. These supporters include:

  • Chico Mayor Andrew Coolidge
  • Vice Mayor Kasey Reynolds
  • Butte County Supervisor Doug Teeter
  • Former Butte Supervisor Steve Lambert
  • City Councilman and former Mayor Sean Morgan

I’m proud to welcome the endorsements of like-minded Californians who are seeking a change at the top. Californians deserve to feel safe and be safe. Under Gavin Newsom, we’ve seen wildfires rage out of control, cities becoming less safe and we are in the midst of a historic drought that has ravaged our state. We have to replace this dysfunctional Governor and elect someone with the experience, solutions and results to address these issues and turn our state around. I’m the only one with the experience and solutions and I’ll hit the ground on day one to deliver results for Californians.” – Mayor Kevin Faulconer

WATCH ABC 7 Redding/Chico’s coverage of Mayor Faulconer’s campaign stop: