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Under Gavin Newsom, homelessness has soared every year. Every time we drive down the freeway or walk through our communities, we see the human suffering enabled by California’s ineffective homelessness policies. It is not “progressive” to let people live and die on the street. These are our fellow Californians, and we must stand up for each other and lend a hand when one of us needs it.

As mayor, Kevin Faulconer transformed San Diego into the only big city in California where outdoor homelessness went down by 12 percent instead of up. His approach focused on compassion as well as action. He opened hundreds of safe beds that became a model for cities across the country, established shelters with access to mental health services and drug and alcohol treatment, and helped men, women, families, and veterans find long-term housing. He also cleaned public spaces and did not allow public camping when a shelter bed was available.

As governor, Kevin Faulconer will bring his compassionate and results-oriented approach to all of California. He will expand access to mental health services and addiction treatment. He will use proven solutions that give people a safe place to sleep, get on their feet, and get the help they need. He will cut red tape and promote policies that get people off the street and into a home. And he will clean up the garbage and filth generated by encampments that are not only eyesores but public health hazards.


California cannot write its comeback story without making affordable home prices and a well-maintained transportation network a top priority. But under Gavin Newsom, we have to pay more for housing as prices continue to skyrocket. And he let our streets and freeways deteriorate despite charging Californians one of the highest gas taxes in the nation.

As mayor, Kevin Faulconer prioritized quality housing and streets, not as nice-to-haves but as essential building blocks of our communities. He led the state with reforms to make housing less expensive and repaired an unprecedented number of roads without raising taxes. He overhauled backward government regulations and fees that increased home prices. He set records for road repair, fixing half of San Diego’s streets in just six years. And he put communities first by building more parks, libraries, fire stations, and clean water systems as part of the largest infrastructure investment in San Diego history.

As governor, Kevin Faulconer will work so you can afford a home and spend less time in traffic. He will make sure your tax dollars are put toward keeping our roads smooth and safe. He will take a red pen to outdated rules that drive up the price of apartments and houses. And he will work to create affordable housing so that our children and workforce can continue to call California home.


You deserve to be safe from harm and feel secure in your community. But under Gavin Newsom, California cities have seen an increase in burglaries, car thefts, and violent crimes all while violent felons are released early and allowed to roam our streets without respect to the rights of their victims.

As mayor, Kevin Faulconer kept San Diego one of the safest big cities in the United States. As other cities defunded the police, he increased the department’s budget and staffing. He protected peaceful protesters and had violent rioters arrested. He appointed the city’s first female police chief, made 9-1-1 responses faster, was a national leader in the adoption of body-worn cameras, and oversaw a historic recruitment effort to ensure the best and brightest wear the badge.

As governor, Kevin Faulconer will never forget that your safety is the government’s top priority. He will support the hard-working law enforcement professionals who keep us safe. He will also expect public safety officers to meet the highest standards as they fulfill their oath to protect the public. And he will work to ensure violent criminals are held accountable for their actions.


You should be able to keep more of the money you work so hard to earn.

We have to work longer and harder these days to live the California Dream. But under Gavin Newsom, the cost of living and doing business is spiraling out of control, forcing our family and friends to leave the state we call home. California should be a place anyone can live, not just the wealthy.

As mayor, Kevin Faulconer spoke out and helped defeat higher sales and property taxes that would have made living in California even more expensive. He opposed increasing the gas tax and successfully helped stop a plan to undermine Proposition 13 that would have hurt small, family, and minority-owned businesses. He signed seven balanced budgets, brought onboard an independent auditor to serve as a watchdog over government spending, and made government more efficient and transparent.

As governor, Kevin Faulconer will fight so you can keep more of the money you earn. He will veto any tax increase that comes to his desk. And he will defend Proposition 13 to support homeowners and small businesses. You work hard to live within your means, and he will run a fiscally responsible government that does the same.


You deserve a government that actually does its job.

You pay your taxes and should receive quality services in return. But under Gavin Newsom, the government is failing at doing the very basics. Hundreds of thousands of Californians who desperately need unemployment benefits are stuck in a bureaucratic maze, while criminals were able to steal billions in taxpayer dollars through unemployment fraud. From widespread homelessness to problems at the DMV to sluggish distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations, there is a failure of leadership at the top.

As mayor, Kevin Faulconer focused on the basics, using technology and demanding results to make your experience with the government as fast, inexpensive, and painless as possible. He reduced outdoor homelessness by double-digits, repaired half of San Diego’s roads, and brought the government into the 21stcentury with award-winning services that let you go online to easily apply for a permit, report a pothole, request graffiti removal, get trash cleaned up, and more.

As governor, Kevin Faulconer will work to change the bureaucratic culture from “that’s impossible” to “let’s get it done.” He will conduct a top-to-bottom review of spending, cancel or fix programs that are not working, and hold departments accountable for results. He will engage
California’s brilliant technology entrepreneurs to help make your interactions with the government quick and easy. And he will never forget that you, the taxpayer, are the most important customer.


We need to restore pride to our neighborhoods.

We Californians are rightfully proud of our parks, outdoor spaces, and environment. But under Gavin Newsom, many of our beautiful public areas have been tarnished by garbage, graffiti, and even human waste. You should not have to fear that you or your child will be stuck with an abandoned drug needle while playing in the park or walking on the grass.

As mayor, Kevin Faulconer launched an ambitious initiative that successfully removed thousands of tons of trash from sidewalks, freeway underpasses, and wetlands restoring dignity to local communities. He used technology to let residents request cleanups and report trash, resulting in cleaner streets, parks, beaches, and bays.

As governor, Kevin Faulconer will launch a statewide public-private partnership to clean up all of California’s communities particularly those heavily impacted by the effects of homelessness to keep our neighborhoods, wild spaces, and water clean and safe.


We should be able to afford our utilities and rely on them to function.

When you flip your light switch, you expect it to work. But under Gavin Newsom, Californians are more likely to be left in the dark. And even those who do have working lights may wish they couldn’t see their high power bills.

As mayor, Kevin Faulconerled with bold solutions to invest in clean and reliable energy without forcing you to pay more. He brought competition to the energy monopoly in order to reduce rates. He gathered business and environmental leaders together to adopt common-sense solutions to protect our environment and invest in the future.

As governor, Kevin Faulconer will keep power companies accountable for providing safe and dependable electricity. He will unleash California’s technological might and entrepreneurial spirit to make us more energy independent, adding middle-class jobs as we build and sell tomorrow’s clean energy. And he will hold the utilities responsible for wildfires while increasing forest management to keep fires from starting in the first place.

Putting Kids and Teachers First

Every child deserves a quality education.

But under Gavin Newsom’s California, schools are failing, drop-outs are increasing, and kids are falling behind other states and countries in reading, writing, and basic math. The pandemic school closures made this situation even worse for our students, yet Newsom has proven to be incapable of fixing this mess, and broke his promise to safely reopen schools for classroom learning by February 1. His unwillingness to actually use science to open classrooms safely is irreversibly harming millions of students’ learning and development.

As mayor, Kevin Faulconer went above and beyond to create opportunities for children to succeed. He invested in libraries to keep them open longer, built new libraries in historically underserved communities, and opened playgrounds for school children and neighborhood kids. He partnered with the local school district in charge of public education to launch the city’s first afterschool program in libraries, where tutors helped thousands of students achieve. He joined forces with nonprofits to make laptops and Wi-Fi available to families that did not have access to this technology, and worked with the philanthropic community to provide low-income students with the school supplies they need to succeed in the classroom.

As Governor, Kevin will get our K-12 students back to school safely, using proven science. He will provide teachers with better salaries and give them the tools they need to do the job, keeping careful track of performance so we can better target resources and continuously improve student achievement. He will also tap into the innovative spirit of California’s technology community, education reformers, teachers, and parents to make sure that every student — regardless of race, ethnicity, income, or disability — gets the education they need and deserve.