To help students start making up for learning loss, Faulconer’s administration would:

  • Prioritize funding in the state budget to make sure kids have access to summer school, longer school days and after-school tutoring.
  • Support more mental health counselors for students who have been affected by the pandemic and isolation.
  • Champion the right of parents to let their child retake their current grade if that is what they deem best for their family.

Former mayor Faulconer introduced a website to give parents, students, teachers and caretakers a chance to voice their frustrations with the lack of action to safely reopen schools. He announced the website with a video message on social media, which can be viewed here. Californians affected by closed schools can share their stories and struggles by going to

A parent of two kids in public schools, former mayor Faulconer launched his campaign with a clear focus on education after Newsom’s hastily made reopening plan failed to get kids back in classrooms and was roundly criticized even by his allies.

The 36th mayor of San Diego, Faulconer has earned a reputation for returning ethics and integrity to public service and putting people above politics by focusing on the issues that matter to Californians.

From bringing California’s second largest city back from the brink of bankruptcy, to getting San Diego back on track after it was rocked by a corrupt mayor, to making San Diego the only big city in the state to reduce homelessness, Kevin Faulconer is tested and ready to keep leading. As America’s only big city Republican mayor, he has shown how to turn government around and return its focus to what’s important: serving the public. As Governor of California, Kevin Faulconer will work for us – and restore balance to our state.