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WTAS: Kevin Faulconer Promises “Major Changes” For Water Access In Fresno

Thursday, July 29, 2021

While Gavin Newsom has ignored the Central Valley, former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer is committed to bringing real change as he leads this recall movement. Faulconer visited Fresno this week to lay out his agenda to expand water access to the region, promising more storage for surface water and reforms to expand infrastructure for agriculture.

With Newsom’s administration threatening to cut water access for communities across the region, Faulconer knows how important it is to provide real change for the Central Valley. Here are some highlights of the coverage:

ABC Fresno reported on Faulconer’s campaign stop, noting Faulconer’s comments in support of greater water access:

The Fresno Bee highlighted Faulconer’s plan to increase water storage and build infrastructure for agricultural communities:
“This governor has failed our agricultural community by not providing the water resources that our farmers need, that the Central Valley needs,” Faulconer said. “This campaign is going to be all about changes to actually provide the infrastructure, the resources and the political will to help our farmers and our agricultural community.”

Increasing storage and water conveyance by expanding space in places like Temperance Flat Dam and San Luis Reservoir are just part of the plan to improve on infrastructure already in place, he said.

There’s money to do it, Faulconer says. California voters have approved nine separate water bonds in the past 25 years totaling $27.1 billion.

“That’s what I think is so aggravating. We’ve had all this money from this last water bond sitting there, hasn’t been put to use,” he said.

CBS Fresno noted that Faulconer promised “major changes” from the status quo for water issues under Newsom:

The San Joaquin Valley Sun reported on Faulconer’s support from Fresno County Supervisor Buddy Mendes, who joined Faulconer on the trail:

Fresno County Supervisor Buddy Mendes joined Faulconer with additional criticism of Newsom and his administration.

Mendes said the state is following the definition of “insanity” by continuing to practice water policies that fail to work.

“Those same things are: you build no more dams or raise any of the dams, you don’t fix conveyance, you throw more water away to the ocean and then you expect different results,” Mendes said. “That’s insanity, because what happens is we keep getting less and less water.”

Faulconer laid out his six-step plan, starting with the creation of additional surface water storage with new reservoir construction as well as additional water recycling infrastructure.



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Kevin Faulconer Calls Out Gavin Newsom For Failure To Keep Californians Safe

Gavin Newsom has stood up for criminals, I’m going to put the victims first

SAN FRANCISCO – Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer – the leading candidate to recall Gavin Newsom – traveled to San Francisco to highlight Gavin Newsom’s failure to keep Californians safe from violent crime. This comes as California experiences a 13-year high in homicides and while major stores like Target and Walgreens have to scale back operations in San Francisco due to rising crime.

Gavin Newsom has failed this city and he has failed this state. He’s supported laws that curtail penalties for theft for up to $950, supported granting early release to violent felons, and enabled the defund the police movement. This is a crisis. For years Gavin Newsom has stood up for criminals, I’m going to put the victims first. I’m the only candidate in this recall who has taken on defund the police radicals and won, and I’ll do it again as Governor.” – Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer

Right now, there is a lack of accountability on our streets. Criminals know many crimes will not be treated seriously due to state laws and policy decisions that limit the tools of law enforcement. In a civil society, lawlessness should never be accepted as the norm. Ignoring quality of life crimes, often leads to more disorder and more serious crime. Kevin Faulconer knows to reduce crime there must be consequences and accountability for those who commit crimes.  That was his approach in San Diego, and it made our city safer. Californians can trust that Kevin Faulconer will stand up for victims and keep our communities safe.” – Former San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman

It’s time for crime in California to be taken seriously. We need real change, away from broken promises from Gavin Newsom, and more towards keeping all neighborhoods regardless of zip code in California safe. What we’re seeing right now is a serious rise in crime that requires serious proven leadership. Kevin Faulconer kept his city safe as Mayor and that’s the type of leadership we need right now to keep our communities safe because what we’re seeing is simply unacceptable and it’s forcing people to flee our cities and our state. Enough is enough. – Asher McInerney, local business owner



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Kevin Faulconer Unveils Plan To Put California On A War Footing For Wildfires

Lives, Homes and Property

SACRAMENTO – Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer – the leading candidate to recall Gavin Newsom – today unveiled “Lives, Homes and Property,” his plan to put California on a war footing for wildfire prevention. This proposal includes declaring a state of emergency and restoring much-needed funding.

This comes after Newsom was caught misleading Californians about his wildfire preparedness efforts, having actually reduced funding for Cal Fire. Mayor Faulconer’s plan represents a much-needed shift to this status quo.

“Gavin Newsom’s stale ideas and failed leadership have left millions of acres burnt and ruined countless lives. He has broken his promise to protect California families from wildfires. Just as he has on homelessness, school reopenings, and our unemployment system, Newsom has ignored the problem and misled the public. Californians deserve better. My plan will put us on a war footing against wildfires, making fighting them our top priority. Lives are at stake and we need to treat this problem with the seriousness it deserves.”Mayor Kevin Faulconer

“California needs a new direction on wildfire prevention. Gavin Newsom has let our state burn while offering nothing but empty promises. Mayor Faulconer will bring much needed change to the status quo and do what is needed to protect the lives of Californians. I am proud to support his plan.”Senator Jim Nielsen

“There seems to be no end in sight to ever increasing property and lives lost to wildfires in our State. Kevin Faulconer understands that preventing and fighting wildfires is a top priority for the people of our state. Having personally survived California’s deadliest and most destructive wildfire, the Camp Fire, I know how devastating these fires can be. Kevin Faulconer knows what is necessary to protect lives and property for California communities. I believe he will provide critical leadership on improving forest health and wildfire safety as our next Governor.” Butte County Supervisor Doug Teeter

“As Mayor of San Diego, Kevin Faulconer demonstrated leadership rarely seen from public servants. He knows that wildfire prevention is critical for all of California and as Governor he will do whatever it takes to protect our communities. His bold leadership will represent a much-needed change in how our state approaches this vital issue.”Poway Mayor Steve Vaus

Here are the highlights of Mayor Faulconer’s plan:

As Governor, I will STOP cutting wildfire funding. This will be a major change from Newsom, who cut $150 million from the state’s wildfire budget after the worst fire year in California history. Now he’s sneaking more funding in last minute to save face after receiving bipartisan pushback from the Legislature. Fire safety should be our first priority, not our last. I’m going to double fire prevention funding to guarantee at least $1 billion every single year.

I will declare a state of emergency for fires on day one as Governor. It’s shocking that Gavin Newsom has not created statewide tools given the urgency of the situation. I will use emergency powers to speed up the clearing of dead trees and vegetation while streaming the environmental review process on fire prevention projects led both by the state and local governments across California. We will use this power statewide to save both property and lives.

We will establish a new California Department of Wildfire Prevention. Instead of having fire prevention split among CalFire, CalOES and other agencies, we will streamline our approach with one department to coordinate and lead all state wildfire prevention efforts with federal and local governments.

I will offer tax credits for residents to protect their homes from wildfires. Government should not be the only solution; we need to help every Californian. Right now, Californians have to go through lengthy bureaucratic processes to get financial assistance to help prepare their homes for wildfires, I’ll allow them to automatically access up to $10,000 in tax credits to remove vegetation to create 100 feet of defensible space and replace flammable building materials like wood roofs.



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Kevin Faulconer Releases New Ad: “This Is California”

With fresh ideas and new leadership, we can help the homeless and clean up California

SAN DIEGO – Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer – the leading candidate to recall Gavin Newsom – released a new ad today highlighting his “Streets to Shelter” plan to fight homelessness and his record of results on the issue in San Diego.

While homelessness has skyrocketed in Newsom’s California, San Diego saw a double-digit decrease under Mayor Faulconer as he got people off the streets and into shelter. He will bring real change and address this crisis with action as Governor.

WATCH the new ad here and download it here:


This is California

GAVIN NEWSOM: “You want to know who the homeless czar is? I’m the homeless czar”

Gavin Newsom has failed, his homeless crisis is worse than ever

I’m Kevin Faulconer, as Mayor of San Diego I didn’t allow tent encampments on sidewalks

If you allow tent encampments on a sidewalk, you’re condemning people to die on our sidewalks, we’re better than that as Californians

With fresh ideas and new leadership, we can help the homeless and clean up California



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Kevin Faulconer Statement On The Announcement Of The Recall Election Date

“Change is coming for California and retirement is coming for Gavin Newsom.”

SAN DIEGO – Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer – the leading candidate to recall Gavin Newsom – released the following statement on the announcement of the recall election date on September 14:

“The people have spoken and this recall is happening. This movement is powered by Californians from every community – Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. I am ready to lead this recall and begin the California Comeback to clean up our streets, cut taxes on the middle class, and reopen our schools. Change is coming for California and retirement is coming for Gavin Newsom.”