"I'm PROUD to be the REPUBLICAN mayor of California's 2nd largest city. We've had some MAJOR SUCCESSES, but the special interests spent MILLIONS to try to defeat me last time, and THEY'LL DO IT AGAIN this June. That's why I need your financial contribution today... to KEEP THE REFORM TRAIN ROLLING."

-Mayor Kevin Faulconer 




San Diego's Kevin Faulconer: A sign of hope for city Republicans

Overcoming a 13-point Republican voter registration deficit and outspending by $1 million, Kevin Faulconer pulled off a decisive nine-point victory to become mayor of San Diego yesterday. And, San Diego now becomes the largest city with a Republican chief executive.

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California's Rising Stars

It seems a foregone conclusion that the 2016 California Senate race will be an easy win for Democrats. But while they may have no chance in 2016, Golden State Republicans have their sights set further down the road, and they like what they see: In the long term, the state’s GOP has a deep bench and a good chance of ending years of statewide Democratic dominance.

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San Diego's Mayor, Forging a Vital Brand for the GOP?

Faulconer, the highest-ranked Republican officeholder in California, proved earlier this year what his party can achieve in the state. And with his city’s finances significantly more stable, he can now take time to preach his brand of inclusive Republicanism to the party faithful.

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All eyes on Mayor Faulconer during GOP event

Some of the top Republicans in the country, including New Mexico's governor, packed an event at the Grand Del Mar on Friday evening to talk about the future of the Republican Party. But it seemed all eyes were on San Diego's new mayor, Kevin Faulconer.

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Star U.S. mayors poised to rocket up the political ladder

When Hillary Clinton spoke before 280 mayors in San Francisco Saturday, she gave a respectful nod to the elected leaders who still largely enjoy what most Washington politicians sorely lack — credibility with voters.

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