Mayor Faulconer addresses mental and physical health of San Diegans

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer on Friday was joined by representatives from UCSD Health, the National Alliance on Mental Illness San Diego to provide resources and information for residents to protect their mental and physical health while following stay-at-home public health directives. 

"This crisis has impacted every aspect of our lives. I know we are taking care of each other," said Mayor Faulconer.

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SD Mayor Orders Vacant City Properties Be Made Available for COVID-19 Patients

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer Wednesday ordered that all vacant and surplus city properties be made available to accommodate an “expected surge” in COVID-19 patients, with hopes of preventing hospitals from becoming overwhelmed.

Faulconer said city recreation centers, libraries and parking lots were examples of unused properties that should be utilized to shoulder the burden placed upon hospitals as part of an “all-hands-on-deck approach” toward COVID-19.

The properties could be used for field hospitals or locations to conduct testing, Faulconer said.

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SD Mayor Encourages More Social Distancing at Grocery Stores

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer thanked grocery store workers Tuesday for their work on the front lines of the fight against the coronavirus, and asked San Diegans to continue practicing social distancing at stores.

"Grocery workers like so many of our first responders are on the front line serving our neighbors, communities, families every single day," Faulconer said.

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Mayor Faulconer declares city employees disaster workers

Mayor Kevin Faulconer Monday issued an executive order declaring San Diego municipal employees disaster workers.

“This action puts the city of San Diego’s workforce, which is more than 11,000 strong, able to carry out work under the California Emergency Services Act,” Faulconer said at a news conference at City Hall. “With this designation, any disaster service worker, regardless of their formal classification or assignment as a city employee, can assist the efforts to protect life and property, support the city’s emergency operations center, and mitigate the effects of the emergency.”

Faulconer said some city employees have already been deployed to enforce new COVID-19 related regulations at beaches, parks and trails, such as code enforcement officers helping parks and recreation staff educate the public regarding the closures.

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San Diego Mayor preparing for budget impacts from COVID-19

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer said Thursday that the city was facing a financial crisis, projecting that $109 million in tax revenue has been lost as a result of the economic slowdown caused by the global pandemic.

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Mayor Faulconer Warns Tax Losses From Pandemic Will Require Major Budget Cuts

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer said Thursday the city faces significant budget cuts because hotel and sales tax revenues are falling sharply amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He said preliminary estimates are that hotel tax revenues will fall by $83 million and sales tax collections by $26 million before the end of the city’s fiscal year on June 30.

“This is money that we count on to pay for public services like police, fire-rescue and libraries. This is a new reality,” he said at an afternoon press conference.

Faulconer said the city’s reserves will cover some of the shortfall, as will potential federal assistance, but “difficult belt tightening will need to occur.” He promised that essential city services would be preserved.

“We have been saving for a rainy day, but this is a hurricane,” he said.”These are going to be some of the most significant cutbacks we’ve seen in San Diego in some time,”

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SD mayor calls on San Diegans to give blood, food, compassion

Many San Diegans are facing hardships during the public health crisis that local non-profits are working to address. On March 19, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer held a press conference with San Diego City Councilmember Vivian Moreno, American Red Cross of San Diego and Imperial Counties CEO Sean Mahoney, and San Diego Food Bank CEO James Floros to let San Diegans know how they can responsibly and safely volunteer during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Mayor outlines relief proposals for local businesses

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer announced a $4 million economic relief package Wednesday for struggling local businesses affected financially by the coronavirus pandemic.

The city will work with local financial institutions to establish a relief fund, which will support zero-interest micro-loans for affected businesses, Faulconer said during an afternoon news conference at City Hall.

Faulconer said the relief fund would be kickstarted by money from the city’s business revolving loan fund, and that he expected the fund to grow from the initial $4 million.

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Mayor outlines economic relief package for businesses affected by COVID-19 Read more: San Diego Community News Group - Mayor outlines economic relief package for businesses affected by COVID 19

Building on recent efforts to provide relief for everyday San Diegans, Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer on March 18 was joined by Councilmember Chris Cate and San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce CEO Jerry Sanders to unveil an economic relief package of approximately $4 million that reduces fees, provides certainty and offers support to local employers affected by the global pandemic known as COVID-19.

“Businesses are following public health orders, and we recognize this has an impact. This relief effort is about restoring some balance to the current situation,” Faulconer said. “San Diego businesses are making a necessary sacrifice while bearing a tremendous burden as they comply with these orders. We’re taking aggressive action today to help them stay afloat and continue to pay as many employees as possible.” 

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Mayor Kevin Faulconer issues State of Emergency for City of San Diego amid coronavirus outbreak