Morning Report: What's in Faulconer's 'Complete Communities' Plan

The plan also seeks to make way for far more homes near transit, and change the way it measures the environmental effects of new development.

Some of the changes seek to deliver on policy proposals Faulconer has already laid out, and some would help the city meet state mandates as well as its own long-term planning goals. But that doesn’t mean the plan will have an easy road ahead. 

When a City Council committee weighed in last month, “Council members on the committee praised Faulconer’s ambitions, and said the plan aimed to do the right things. But from both the left and the right, they raised specific issues, and instructed city planners to get back to work,” Keatts reports. “And with public criticism coming simultaneously from unions, large developers, business groups, affordable housing advocates and community representatives, how the mayor’s office will sort it all out is anyone’s guess.”

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