Faulconer releases jobs plan

October 15, 2013

Highlights include inking a long-term deal with Comic-Con, tripling the region’s exports by 2024 and finding summer jobs for 2,500 students 

City councilman and mayoral candidate Kevin Faulconer today released his 5-point IDEAS jobs plan that puts San Diegans back to work and builds our regional economy.

“San Diego needs a mayor who can bring back certainty for businesses ready to create jobs, so San Diegans can get back to work,” Faulconer said, standing beside workers, business owners and former Mayor Jerry Sanders at the working waterfront. “I'm the only candidate voters can trust to put San Diegans first.”


Faulconer’s jobs plan focuses on 5 critical areas, or IDEAS: Invest, Develop, Educate, Attract and Streamline. Highlights include inking a long-term deal with Comic-Con, tripling the region’s exports by 2024, finding summer jobs for 2,500 students, cutting red tape at City Hall and initiating a “Boots to Badge” campaign to help fill vacancies at the San Diego Police Department with military veterans.


“As mayor, Kevin Faulconer will focus on retaining and expanding jobs and fostering growth in San Diego’s innovative, military, maritime and tourism economies,” the plan says. “He also will bring the one thing to City Hall that businesses value more than anything else – certainty. Click here to read the plan. 


Jerry Sanders said: "Kevin Faulconer has the experience to move San Diego's economy forward. Kevin knows that decisions made at City Hall can directly affect whether a company expands its business or hires a new employee. When I was mayor, Kevin was a lead partner in expanding the convention center, fostering economic activity at the Port and cutting unnecessary red tape. As CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, I am confident Kevin will create a business environment where small businesses and good-paying jobs can thrive."


Since announcing his candidacy, Faulconer has built a broad coalition of supporters, including organizations representing thousands of small business owners, advocates for tens of thousands of workers, and civic leaders like Sanders. Faulconer is a social moderate who is mindful of the city’s bottom line and takes an inclusive approach to solving problems. He and his wife Katherine, a small business owner, live in Point Loma with their two children, Jack, 12, and Lauren, 9.


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