Livable, Walkable and Sustainable Communities

As an avid biker, Kevin is committed to creating safe and accessible bike and pedestrian infrastructure throughout San Diego to create more sustainable neighborhoods. Kevin has also supported other initiatives that encourage sustainable practices.

Kevin’s Record of Sustainability Initiatives:

Supported the development of the Bayshore Bikeway, a world-class bike route around San Diego Bay. As a member of SANDAG's Bayshore Bikeway Committee Kevin worked to make improvements to the bike route around the San Diego Bay. The Bayshore Bikeway is a 24-mile bicycle route around the San Diego Bay. Additional improvements to the Bayshore Bikeway are based on the Bayshore Bikeway Plan to develop a continuous Class I bike path that would allow bicyclists to ride all the way around San Diego Bay on a dedicated path away from city streets.

Implemented an innovative bike-sharing program. Kevin collaborated with former Mayor Jerry Sanders to implement an innovative public-private partnership between the City and Deco Bike, a national bike-sharing company. Without any cost to taxpayers, approximately 220 bike-share stations with bikes available to the public will be installed across the City to encourage alternatives to motorized public transportation or private vehicles helping to reduce traffic congestion, noise and air pollution.

Supported the construction of the pedestrian bridge over Rose Creek to complete the route around Mission Bay. Kevin played an integral role, first as the Chair of the Mission Bay Park Committee and later as a Councilmember, in completing the Rose Creek Pedestrian Bridge. The bridge connects the bike path around Mission Bay, improving accessibility and safety for bicyclists.

Other sustainable initiatives. Kevin supported the installation of 117 electrical vehicle charging stations across 27 locations at parks, libraries, recreations centers, and streets throughout San Diego. He voted to expand the partnership with Car2go to bring an innovative car-sharing program to San Diego that helps reduce congestion and improve connectivity to alternative transportation options. Kevin was also proud to support legislation to allow residents to start community gardens without having to obtain an expensive permit. These improved regulations allow greater access to healthy, local, and sustainable food.

Supporting the implementation of the San Diego Bike Master Plan. There is a growing need and desire for safer, more accessible bike routes to decrease traffic congestion and create more livable neighborhoods with connectivity to transit routes. The City recently completed the San Diego Bike Master Plan, a long-term vision to create an urban network of safe bicycle routes which will improve bicycling throughout the City of San Diego through 2030 and beyond.

Emphasizing smart growth and transit oriented development. San Diegans want less congestion and more livable communities. One of the most effective strategies for creating livable communities is to construct new development close to transit corridors. Kevin is committed to working with SANDAG and other regional stake holders to help San Diego implement smarter development policies.

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