Issues & Results

Fixing Our Roads and Infrastructure

infrastructure.jpg“The mayor’s spending plan closely matches up with the top budget priorities presented by San Diego City Council members, including increased compensation for San Diego’s police officers, more money for park and streetlight repairs and expanded recreation center hours. ~ KPBS

  • Directed 50% of all new major revenue toward street repairs, sidewalks, and streetlights – an additional $63 million since taking office.  .

  • Doubled the miles of roads repaired annually to 300 to meet his goal of fixing 1,000 miles of streets over five years.

  • Led an initiative to repair the City’s repair program, implementing over a dozen reform measures to get projects completed up to 20% faster, establish financial oversight to increase accountability and stretch City dollars farther, and expedite shovel-ready projects so that money is spent efficiently and effectively.


Investing in Our Neighborhoods

investing-neighborhoods.jpg“After years of sacrifices on the part of our residents, communities and city staff, it’s encouraging to see a budget that continues to provide essential services such as public safety and infrastructure, and restores recreation programs, parks, libraries and other city programs and facilities.” ~Sherri Lightner, City Council President

  • Increased recreation center hours by 33% from 45 to 60 hours per week, the highest level in 5 years.

  • Restored library hours to their highest levels in a decade.

  • Increased funding for sidewalk and streetlight repairs.

  • Prioritized critical park repairs, increasing funding for security lighting to expand safe access, repairs to playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis courts, and other vital park infrastructure.

  • Tripled broadband speeds at libraries and expanded popular after school programs.

  • Increased City code enforcement to combat slumlords and improve local quality of life.

  • Created a Pension Stabilization Fund and proposed an initial $15 million to build a rainy day fund and protect neighborhood services during economic downturns


Creating Jobs

creatingjobs.jpg“Faulconer’s plans are smart and ambitious.” ~San Diego Union Tribune

  • Partnered with “The World’s Smartest Company,” Illunina, to create an economic development package that keeps Illunima in San Diego, including 1,500 jobs, and future investments to create another 300 good-paying jobs for San Diegans.

  • Supported the development of 1,000 summer youth jobs through the San Diego Workforce Partnership’s Connect 2 Careers program.

  • Worked with local companies, AleSmith and Ballast Point brewing to help them expand and add good –paying  San Diego jobs.

  • Streamlined the permitting process, moving it online to simplify the process and create certainty for local businesses.

  • Initiated the first Blue Tech center of excellence to incubate innovative companies in our maritime economy.

  • Partnered with the Brookings Institute to create a blueprint, “Go Global San Diego,” to capitalize on foreign direct investment and imports.

  • Created a “Workforce and Economic Advisory Committee” to help develop initiatives to help all San Diegans have access to training for good paying jobs.


Making Education a Priority

Visit-on-Read-Across-America-Day.jpg“I commend Mayor Faulconer and the other city officials for recognizing the importance of libraries and the impacts they have on the success of our students and communities."  ~Cindy Marten, superintendent, San Diego Unified School District

  • Created the first Do Your Homework @ the Library program, a free, afterschool program which connects students from underperforming schools with city sponsored tutors at nearby community libraries.

  • Developed "Career Online High School" to increase access to educational opportunities and help San Diegans get their high school degree or a career certificate through our library program

  • Increased enrichment classes for preschoolers and additional on-site staff to expand weekend access to youth athletic opportunities   at City recreation centers

  • Increased staffing for Friday summer teen programs to provide fun and safe activities for youth in low-income communities.

  • Tripled Internet speeds at branch libraries.


Protecting Our Water and the Environment

Mariners-Point-Cleanup.jpg“Faulconer unveiled a new city blueprint for fighting climate change that would use new regulations and incentives to cut San Diego’s carbon emissions in half by 2035.  Environmental groups and business leaders have both generally praised the plan as ambitions, but also realistic and doable.”  ~ San Diego Union Tribune

  • Negotiated a landmark Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% within 20 years.

  • Pushed for the new Pure Water System, an innovative water-recycling program, to build a sustainable water source, which will provide more than 30% of the city’s water needs.

  • Supports the Carlsbad desalinization plant for additional water supply to our region.

  • Set an ambitious Zero Waste target of diverting 100% of City waste from the landfill by 2040.

  • Expanded the city’s bike lanes, reducing vehicle miles traveled and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Expanded innovative car sharing programs, reducing congestion and encouraging sustainable practices.


Strengthening Public Safety

police.jpg“A win-win deal for San Diego police and city” ~San Diego Union Tribune

  • Negotiated a five-year funding increase for police to address recruitment and retention challenges.

  • Fully funded four police academies, increasing the class size of each by over 20%

  • Equipped 600 officers with body cameras, making San Diego the largest city with this many cameras in use.  By the end of 2015, 100% of San Diego’s officers will be equipped.

  • Improved emergency response times, with a major focus on underserved communities south of I-8.

  • Funded permanent staff for Skyline Fire Station and Eastside Mission Valley Fire Station to improve critical gaps in emergency response

  • Created and expanded the successful Fast Response Squad program, an innovative program that has dramatically improved medical response times by as much as three minutes.


Building Our Relationship with Mexico

TJ-Mayor.jpg“The leaders of San Diego and Tijuana have nevertheless pushed for stronger ties for more than two decades.  Mayors Kevin Faulconer and Jorge Astiazaran pushed the friendship further Tuesday, signing the first formal agreement between the two border cities since 1994.” ~San Diego Union Tribune

  • Took historic steps to improve relationships in both Tijuana and Mexico, meeting with Mayor Astizarian in Tijuana his first week of office, and traveling to Mexico City the first month.

  • Helped secure federal funding for expansion of San Ysidro Port of Entry, cutting border wait times in half for the 50,000 vehicles and 25,000 pedestrians that pass through every day, promoting job growth and increased opportunities for binational trade.

  • Signed the first San Diego-Tijuana cooperative agreement in a decade, strengthening coordination on issues including economic development, environmental protection and technology.


Continuing Pension Reform

KFaulconer-Portrait.jpg“We commend Mayor Faulconer for taking the proactive approach to address potential shortfalls on assumed investment returns, even in flush years.  This kind of prudent, long-term planning is exactly what our city needs to ensure our fiscal sustainability.”  Mark Leslie, President & CEO, San Diego County Taxpayers Association

  • Reduced unfunded pension liability by over $200 million   to increase San Diego’s public employee pension funding ratio to 80% funded, reversing a very dangerous trend.

  • Enforced the implementation of the Prop B pensionable pay freeze.

  • Created a Pension Stabilization Fund and proposed an initial $15 million to protect neighborhood services during economic downturns.


Driving Reform, Transparency, and Efficiency

Kickoff-square.jpg“The most important thing Kevin has done is stabilize the city and rebuild the public’s trust in San Diego’s city government.” ~George Mitrovich, civic leader

  • Continues to restore and strengthen the city’s credit rating.

  • Created San Diego Works, an incentive program that rewards employees for money-saving ideas generating $1.3 million in average annual budgetary savings and efficiencies.

  • Created the most transparent online budget tool of any government in the region, allowing San Diegans to see exactly how their tax dollars are being spent.

  • Created a Performance and Analytics Department to foster a results-oriented customer service culture of accountability at the city.

  • Hired the city’s first Chief Data Officer to use tools like Open Data to make government more efficient, effective, and transparent.

  • Revamping the city's website to make it more customer-friendly and easier for San Diego residents to communicate with City Hall. The complete overhaul will be done in 2016 and will allow increased online permitting and ability to for services.


Helping the Homeless Get Back on Track

Kevin-FrJoe.jpg“San Diego, hoping to emerge as a national leader in dealing with homelessness, has launched aggressive new initiatives to provide housing and treatment for people now living on the streets or in temporary shelters.” ~San Diego Union Tribune

  • Created a year-round permanent  homeless shelter for families and veterans that replaced temporary outdoor winter tents.

  • Increased funding for homeless services with a renewed focus on programs that provide supportive services to help homeless individuals stabilize their lives and relocate into permanent housing.Realigned homeless programs to meet national ‘housing first’ best practices and worked to transition the City’s homeless services providers to a common Homeless Management Information System  (HMIS) to better coordinate and track resources.