California’s homeless system is broken, so the City of San Diego is breaking away from the old ways of doing things. Mayor Faulconer is challenging the unresponsive bureaucracies and conventional wisdom that have contributed to homelessness in cities along the West Coast. We must reduce homelessness, not enable it; end suffering, not condone it; punish the criminals who hide and prey upon the homelessness, not ignore it. America’s Finest City will not allow unsafe and unsanitary outdoor living conditions, nor will it tolerate the use of a sidewalk, a riverbed or a tarp as a home.
To help men, women, children and veterans find dignity and end the cycle of homelessness, Mayor Faulconer is taking dramatic action to move homeless individuals off the streets, offer them a chance for a better life, and restore pride to our communities.
San Diego is still the only big county in California where homelessness has continued to decrease. People living outdoors fell 12 percent in the City of San Diego compared to last year, according to the yearly homeless count. Total homelessness is down 4 percent in the city and 6 percent in San Diego County. That's on top of the 6 percent it dropped last year.
Mayor Faulconer’s “Connect. Support. House.” strategy to reduce homelessness works to connect individuals to stabilizing programs that provide temporary relief from the streets, support them with services and workforce training, and help them find a permanent home. We cannot solve the homelessness crisis without solving the mental health crisis, and the Mayor is a tireless advocate for mental health reform so those suffering from a mental illness are not left without care on our streets.