Faulconer Wades Into Uber Fight

Mayor Kevin Faulconer joined with San Jose’s mayor Wednesday in a letter urging the state Court of Appeal to halt an earlier court order that would force Uber and Lyft to comply with AB 5, a state law limiting when companies can classify workers as independent contractors.

Last week, a San Francisco judge ruled that the city attorneys arguing the rideshare companies were violating the law were likely to prevail – and ordered that Uber must stop classifying its drivers as independent contractors as the lawsuit plays out.

Faulconer and San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo are asking the appellate court to suspend that order to prevent the companies from following through on their threats to pull out of California if forced to comply.

“A stay could provide an opportunity for parties to come together with state leaders to negotiate a resolution to this complex issue,” Faulconer and Liccardo wrote. But love it or hate it, coming together to create a solution on this complex issue is what state leaders already did in enacting AB 5.https://www.voiceofsandiego.org/nonfeature/faulconer-wades-into-uber-fight/

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