California mayors to push for police reforms, not 'defunding'

San Diego, the state's second-largest city, voted to increase police funds this week. However, Mayor Kevin Faulconer said "it's not going to be business as usual" and noted the earlier decision for police to immediately stop using so-called carotid restraints, also known as a sleeper hold, which involves using an arm to apply pressure to the sides of the neck in a move that can almost immediately block blood flow and render someone unconscious. 

Activists say the hold is used disproportionately against people of color. Many departments already ban or restrict its use.

Faulconer said police are too often drawn into matters involving homelessness and mental illness, when in many cases other health providers should be involved — "not our police department." 

The mayors also called for nearly $1 billion in spending in the state's pending budget to address the widespread homelessness crisis, including providing dollars for shelter, health care and other services needed to keep people off the streets. 

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