Kevin Faulconer was elected to the City Council to help heal the city following the last mayoral resignation in 2006. He has worked hard every day since then to repair the city’s finances and credibility. Through Kevin's efforts, the City regained its credit rating, balanced its budget and has taken real action to increase funding for street repair.


Kevin is focused on restoring trust and integrity to the mayor's office, and increasing financial stability, transparency and accountability at City Hall. He is proudly committed to getting the most for our tax dollars, growing our economy, protecting our environment and beaches, and delivering results for all San Diego neighborhoods.


Kevin has a track record of success and getting things done for San Diego. In 2008, he took a lead role in writing the Mission Bay Park Initiative, which passed with 67% of the vote. The measure ensures money generated in Mission Bay Park is invested there and at other city parks, protecting our environment and supporting San Diego's tourism economy and jobs.


In 2010, Kevin and a handful of others led the campaign against a massive sales tax hike; voters joined Kevin to overwhelmingly reject the increase. In 2011, Kevin voted to reduce retiree health care costs by $800 million over 30 years through a landmark reform effort. In 2012, Kevin co-authored the Comprehensive Pension Reform ballot initiative to end the broken pension system and create a fair and affordable retirement plan for City employees. In 2013, he negotiated a historic 5-year labor agreement that locks in pension reform and saves a generation of taxpayers $1 billion.


As Audit Committee chair, Kevin has helped identify more than $50 million in opportunities to improve the effectiveness of City services, reduce costs and cut red tape. Kevin continues to be a tireless advocate for full implementation of efficiencies including managed competition – the voter-approved program for reducing government waste through competitive bidding of city services.


Kevin is a proud graduate of San Diego State University where he served in student government. Prior to being elected, Kevin worked in public relations for more than a decade and was vice president of a leading firm where he managed complex projects within strict budget guidelines.


He and his wife, Katherine, a small business owner, live in Point Loma with their school-aged children Jack and Lauren.


Kevin Faulconer
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